Jack Lew and Daniel

Jack Lew, White House chief of staff Jacob(?)

“Jack” Lew isn’t the first Jewish White House chief of staff, or even the first observant Jewish White House chief of staff.

Daniel, who was most anxious not defile himself with the food and wine from the royal table, begged the chief eunuch to spare him this defilement; and by grace of God Daniel met goodwill and sympathy on the part of the chief eunuch.[1] 

The observant Jew knows:

“You are no G_d who loves evil;

no sinner is your guest.

The boastful shall not stand their ground

before your face

You hate all who do evil;

you destroy all who lie

The deceitful and bloodthirsty man (the President/the Administration and abortion) –and what thirst! All around the world!

the LORD detests.

No truth can be found in their mouths (like bottom up economics casting doubt on the authenticity of his christianity. It is top down that works. From the LORD through a good leader, who provides for his people.)

their heart is all mischief

their throat a wide-open grave,

All honey their speech.


-The promised king.

[1] Dn1:8