Most Holy Virgin answered: …

“Dearest Mother, Most Holy Virgin: You are my Mother; please place me under your protection. You are my Health; please take me happily within your fold so that I may not wish for anything else. Let me hear you and understand well that even though I am your son, the most least, nothing should frighten or grieve me or let my heart be disturbed. Let me not fear any sickness or anguish and let me not be grieved nor be disturbed by anything. Let me not be afflicted by the sufferings and misfortunes of body and soul of my family and friends. Let them not die now from them and please procure their cure.[1] 

“Please intercede for me with your Son, my brother, so that he bequeaths me his own peace, that he gives me his own peace, a peace which the world cannot give, his free gift to me so that my heart will not be troubled and neither be afraid.[2]


[2] Cf. Jn14:27