#PopeFrancis: ‘I am a son of the church.’

After his election to the papacy, Pope Francis described himself as “a faithful son of the Church.” – Cf. Pope Francis in Conciliar Context by Howard Kainz, Wednesday, September 7, 2016 | The Catholic Thing

Another variation: ‘loyal son of the Church.’

That is how people have taken or understood what pope Francis actually said:

“We cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptive methods. This is not possible. I have not spoken much about these things, and I was reprimanded for that. But when we speak about these issues, we have to talk about them in a context. The teaching of the church, for that matter, is clear and I am a son of the church, but it is not necessary to talk about these issues all the time. – Cf. Vatican website: Francis > Speeches > 2013 September > Interview with Pope Francis by Fr Antonio Spadaro

One may be a son of the Church but not necessarily a true, loyal or faithful son of the Church.

Tell me @FMShyanguya, are you a [loyal] son of the Church?

“If I am not, please God make me, if I am, please God so keep me and Gratias![1]

By your command,
Their person and office I honor.[2]
But these voices I follow not,[3]
Of hirelings that care not.
Robbers at hand,
Of God’s glory denying him honour
To the simple flock,
A revelation of horror!

[1] cf. The Maid of Orleans

[2] 4th Honor your father and your mother.

[3] Jn 10:5: ‘they never follow a stranger but run away from him: they do not recognize the voice of strangers.’