Dollar Bill Secrets

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The following is from the magazine Progress for All January 1991, an interview John Todd did regarding the clarification of the Pyramid and the shining eye on the back of the US One Dollar Bill. It has been mistakenly attributed to Amschel James Mayor Rothschild (1955-1996) :

The seal of the pyramid

“The seal of the pyramid was created by the Rothschild family and brought to North America by Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton before 1776. The Rothschild family is the head of the organization in which I entered in Colorado. All the Occult Brotherhoods are part of it. It is a Lucifer Organization to install his reign in the whole world. The eye on the pyramid is the eye of Lucifer . Supposedly the Rothschilds have personal dealings with the Devil. I have personally been in his villa and have experienced it. And I know it is true”. – See more at: Revisiting John Todd: “Rothschilds Rule with Druid Witches”

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