Celibacy for the sake of the Kingdom is from the LORD | Card. Brandmüller

Celibacy for the sake of the Kingdom is from the LORD | Card. Brandmüller

Card. Brandmüller

Update 03/07/2016:

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Cf. Eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven. The Argument over Celibacy by Sandro Magister, ROME, May 28, 2010 | CHIESA site
Cardinal Schönborn proposes “rethinking” this obligation for the Catholic clergy. And so do other bishops. Benedict XVI, however, wants to strengthen it. In support he has the whole history of the Church, since the time of the apostles

[UPDATE 7/21/2019]

Tracing the Glorious Origins of Priestly Celibacy by Luiz Sérgio Solimeo | America Needs Fatima Blog

Ancient Hebrew Cosmology | Michæl Paukner

The Ancient Hebrew Conception of the Universe (To Illustrate the Account of Creation and the Flood)

A firm bowl (the firmament) keeps the upper waters back but has gates to let the rain and snow through. The Sun, Moon, and stars move in fixed tracks along the underside of this bowl. From below the disc, the waters break through as wells, rivers and the ocean, but the Earth stands firm on pillars sunk into the waters like the pillings (sic) of a pier. Deep below the Earth is Sheol, the abode of the dead, which can be entered only through the grave.

Cf. Ancient Hebrew Cosmology | Michæl Paukner | flickr