Mother Miriam’s Heart for the Family and Church | The Catholic World Report

Mother Miriam’s Heart for the Family and Church | The Catholic World Report, by Jim Graves

On the family:

CWR: What concerns do you have about family life?

Mother Miriam: It is God’s number one design to build His kingdom, and the Enemy’s number one target to destroy. This destruction seems to be happening at breakneck speed. When the Enemy destroys the family, he destroys society. This attack has primarily happened within the Church; as Pope Paul VI famously said, the “smoke of Satan” has entered the Church.

A Catholic who is not a priest or nun has the very first and most vital calling we have as human beings: to marry and multiply the kingdom of God on Earth. I accept that a religious calling is higher than marriage, but I cannot see anything more glorious than a man and woman joined as one in marriage. If they are truly open to life-giving love and living according to God’s design amidst many trials, it is in a great measure to live heaven on Earth.

On the so-called “same-sex marriage”:

CWR: What was your reaction to the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision redefining marriage, mandating that all 50 states accept “same-sex marriage”?

Mother Miriam: Utter, utter grief. I was not surprised, but nonetheless I was deeply grieved.

People have asked me what I think of “same-sex marriage.” I tell them that I have no opinion on it, because it does not and cannot exist. There is no such thing. Human beings cannot define marriage; they can decide to live immoral lifestyles, but what they do is not marriage.

God has left Christians to be lights in the world. This “same-sex marriage” ruling gives us a great opportunity to be lights in the darkness.

CWR: Not long ago, “same-sex marriage” was unthinkable. Do you marvel at the speed in which it has been widely accepted in society?

Mother Miriam: Yes. It has happened very quickly. I used to use the example of putting the frog in the boiling water: if you drop him in boiling water he’ll jump out, if you put him in cool water and slowly turn up the temperature you can boil him to death. But now I use a new illustration. There is a lily you can put into a pond that doubles in size every day. The question I ask is that if it takes 29 days for the lily to cover half the pond, how many more days for the lily to cover all of it? Not another 29 days, but one.

Pope Benedict XVI himself, in his private writings, spoke about the Church having to go underground in our day, due to the evil that pervades civil governments. But, for me, the greatest tragedy is priests and bishops who have defected from the faith and have not taught the sheep or who, by their silence or poor example, have led them astray. This is far more grievous than what is happening in the world today. In fact, if bishops were not afraid, if they truly believed the Faith and taught the truth and Catholics knew their faith, we would not be as threatened as we are.

On the Synod on the Family in Rome:

CWR: What are your thoughts on last year’s Synod on the Family in Rome?

Mother Miriam: It was tragic. There was a confusion that came out of it that the bishops should not have allowed.

And, with the continuation of the Synod this October, there’s going to be a discussion about the possibility of giving Communion to the divorced and remarried. That is something that should not even be a topic. It should be off the plate. It simply is not a Catholic question. Should we reconsider whether or not murder is legitimate? It would be no less absurd than discussing whether or not Catholics should receive the Body and Blood of Our Lord in an unworthy and gravely immoral manner.

Families need direction and solid help that coincides with our faith so that we know how to live.