Is there any throne yet to be destroyed or usurped? David Kalākaua (1836 – 1891), Worshipful Master and at the same time King.

An earlier post reasoned and deduced that the Illuminati[1], directly or through the agency of the secret societies[2], had conquered the final and most priced throne, that of St. Peter.  This post is about another throne, that of the kingdom of Hawai’i, which is quite unique in that its last king was worshipful master and at the same time king.

David Kalākaua, Worshipful Master and King

The author and owner of this The WAR Blog, whilst he sojourned in Hawai’i, happened one day to meet a certain man and during their conversation, noticed that the man was wearing a Masonic ring on his right ring finger [4th digit]. This was a ring that just could not escape notice because Shaquille O’Neal [Shaq] had shown off his own version of this very distinctive ring on National TV:

SHAQ’s Masonic Ring

The man then proceeded to say that he was a 32nd Degree Mason and that such a degree is acquired through study. He also mentioned a nearby lodge in Honolulu and he then revealed something very surprising, which was that King David Kalākaua, the Merrie Monarch, the last king of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi, was a Freemason and that there were “Masonic stuff” around the base of his statue in Waikiki. The statue is erected in the Waikiki Gateway Park between Kuhio Ave and Kalākaua Ave.

Map – King Kalākaua Statue

Well, that statue had to be visited and below are the pictures that were taken:

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Uncovering King Kalākaua’s Secrets As A Mason

The Extraordinary Life of a King and 33° Freemason (presents freemasonry as benign.)

Masonic Tourist: Celebrating the Masonic Legacy of Hawaii’s Last King July-August 2012 By Mark Zane Mauikanehoalani Lovell, 32° [PDF]

Thursday, March 8, 2012 The King’s Secret

“In 1879, with full Masonic rites, the cornerstone of Iolani Palace was laid, and Kalākaua’s temple, Lodge le Progres De l’Oceanie, still meets today on the palace grounds.

“I think they used to meet in the attic,” said Diamond.

There was a practical reason for Kalākaua’s lodge activities. The monarchs of Europe were also enthusiastic Masons, and through the organization, Kalākaua cemented fraternal ties with other royalty.

“When the Honolulu Masons contacted us and asked if they could loan us the Kalākaua Masonic items, it helped created(sic) the exhibit,” Diamond said. “We don’t normally get the chance to tell this part of the story.”

Kings and potentates, they’re all Masons,” said Lovell. “And here we’d found these items hidden away, just gathering dust.”

There were no guns in the gun safe, by the way. Lovell, who’s in charge of indexing and filing for the organization, thinks it was used as “a hasty attempt to preserve these items at least a half-century ago. It wasn’t climate-controlled and there’s some degradation.

“We’re finding out that Freemasons were integral to the history of modern Hawaii,” Lovell said. “Many of the best-known leaders during the royal era were Masons.”

That doesn’t mean they were on the same page. During the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy, Lovell pointed out, there were Masonic lodges fighting on both sides.

(All emphases mine).


That David Kalākaua was a Mason may perhaps explain why and how he ascended to the throne when there were more eligible claimants than he.

[1] Illuminati: Members of Grand Orient Lodges who have been initiated into “The Order and Sect of the Illuminati”. They are a small but powerful group which Include international-minded bankers, industrialists, scientists, military and political leaders, educators, economists, etc. They are men who have accepted the Luciferian plan for the rule of Creation as being preferable to that of Almighty God. They worship Lucifer as required by Albert Pike in his book “Morals and Dogmas”. They acknowledge the authority of no mortal except their leader. They give loyalty to no nation. They direct the CONTINUING LUCIFERIAN CONSPIRACY to prevent God’s plan, for the rule of Creation, being put into practice; they plot to obtain absolute control of this world and everything in it. They use ALL subversive movements to divide masses of the people into opposing camps on political, social, racial, economic, and religious issues, then arm them, and make them fight and destroy each other. They hope to make humanity follow this process of self-destruction until all existing political and religious Institutions have been eliminated. They then plan to crown THEIR leader King-despot of the entire world and enforce the Luciferian dictatorship with Satanic despotism.

Illuminism: The name given to the special rites as written by Professor Adam Weishaupt of Frankfort, Germany, at the instigation of the men who in 1773 constituted the High Priests of Satanism. The ritual of the Illuminati was introduced into the Bavarian Grand Lodge in 1776 as a preliminary step towards infiltrating Grand Orient Lodges into French Freemasonry for the purpose of furthering the plans for ‘The Great French Revolution’ which was scheduled to take place in 1789: A modern version of “The Black Mass” was introduced by Gen. Albert Pike 1871.

International Money-lenders: The Illuminati and their agentur who by reason of their cartels and combines and the use of usury have obtained control of the monetary systems and economy of the so called “Free Nations”. They lead the people of those Nations slowly into economic bondage so they can ultimately enslave them; body, mind, and soul.

Source: GLOSSARY OF TERMS & PHRASES | PAWNS In The Game, William Guy Carr, R.D., Commander R.C.N. (R) RET’D

[2]Yes, princes and nations shall disappear from off the face of the earth; yes, a time shall come when man shall acknowledge no other law but the great book of nature: This revolution shall be the work of the secret societies, and that is one of our grand mysteries.” – CHAP. II. |Code of the Illuminees. — General System, and division of the Code. | Code of the Illuminati: Part III of Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism, by A Barruel, tr. Robert Edward Clifford [1798], at [Cf. the Discourse on the Mysteries.]