The story of the monkey, the animal lovers, the orange, the hunter, and prayer

I went to sleep and I dreamt.

This was my dream:

I found myself a monkey. I was hungry and I went in search for food. I saw what looked like a coconut tied to a tree. As I approached there was clamor from the animal lovers. They started shouting, some screaming that this was a hunter’s trap.

I was hungry.

As I got closer to the tree, I smelled an orange. Ah, even better than a coconut. The sweet smell was coming from the inside the coconut.

The animal lovers were still clamoring, but their  warnings no longer were foreboding and worse, to me, had had turned into a background humdrum noise.

I noticed that the coconut had a hole in it. I put my hand through it, felt inside and grabbed the orange. I tried to pull out my hand with the orange but could not. That’s when I spied from the corner of my eye a hunter approaching with a net. Still clutching the orange, I prayed out loud to be saved from the hunter…

I woke up terrified knowing that as the monkey, not only did I not get the orange, I lost my life…

–         Adapted from the homily of Rev. Fr. Kuriakose, Parochial Vicar, Maria Lanakila Catholic Church, Maui, HI, October 14, 2012, 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time.